The opposition’s counter-health reforms continue in the Senate

For her part, Senator Clara López of the Historical Pactquestioned the fact that it is an initiative “in which they plan To process the Health Act, which the former minister drew up Alejandro Gaviria refused to give permission at the time denature it. Among other things, it eliminates the last part needed for the materialization of the right to health”.

The official lawmaker added that this “changes, comprehensivethe spirit of the law and elements that are not part of a statutory lawincluding the regulation of the stake and the inclusion of the EPS as part of the warranty right to health“.

For this reason, the former Secretary of Labor concludes: “a complete change of paradigm is necessary, because the current one does not work, as we saw in the case of green crossin which Sanitas EPS did not act as insurer and did not respond in a timely manner faced with a debt to its suppliers. In addition, there is the financial flexibility of the EPS and the many corruption scandals we have seen, does not allow confidence to be built in the system. And add to that the lack of technical reserves for more than 12 billion pesos. For this reason, it is not even advisable to attempt to elevate the EPS to the rank of legal right, nor is it Comprehensive health risk management model“.

Source: El Heraldo