Esteban Bulrich’s Emotional Easter Greetings: “Hopefully Even in the Greatest Darkness”

Esteban Bulrich’s Emotional Easter Greetings: “Hopefully Even in the Greatest Darkness”

The former legislator recorded a video with the image of Jesus and the Virgin Mary diagnosed with ALS; There were more messages from supporters and opponents of the government than on this date

Esteban Bulrich recorded a video for Easter
Esteban Bulrich recorded a video for Easter

With an image of Jesus and another Virgin, a former national senator Stephen Bulrich Sent a Rolling Easter Greeting For your followers on social media. Known to her Catholic faithTo which he was even more chained after being diagnosed Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), A neurodegenerative disease that has yet to be cured.

“Almost 2,000 years ago, on this day, God was resurrected to show that There is hope even in the greatest darknessRose to show us that nothing is impossible for him, that with him we are the vast majority, We go with him to the most wild seas“- began the former legislator and member of the Together for Change (JxC), who left his seat in the National Congress to devote himself to their care.

He rose to let us know that even death cannot defeat us, He rose to convince us what the truth is. He rose to show us that love can do all things. He defeated death to let us know it There is no fear of anything with him. ” Bulrich reflected.

Finally he sent a wish to those who follow him on their virtual platforms. “May the resurrection give us light to illuminate our lives, hope to bring us out of the labyrinth of our fears, and love your company along the way. Happy Easter everyone!“- concluded the 52-year-old politician.

Thus, Bulrikh’s message was added to both the ruling party and other opposition leaders and officials who used their Twitter to express this date.

“Even though the world is in grave danger and Our country is in a difficult situation, Let’s get more than ever A hopeful message Which contains Easter and we celebrate this day with our families and friends. We wish you peace. Let’s not stop thinking about the future“, – writes the former president Mauricio Macri, Which is doomed for the Cambodians to return to Casa Rosada in 2023.

For this Sunday day, neither President Alberto FernandezNeither is the Vice President Christina Kirchner, Still expressed their wishes in their networks. Yes, they did, though other valuable officials like the Chancellor Santiago Cafe Or the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Vado” de PedroTwo strong figures from both sides of the government.

We Christians today celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the renewal of hope. “Happy Easter!” Wrote the Foreign Minister, who made no political remarks.

Meanwhile, de Pedro said:Let there be a day of hope in us and in our country. We are A city with many challenges! But with the blessing that different religions and nationalities coexist peacefully on our land. And that, in today’s world, is of great value. Happy Easter!”.

Source: La Nacion