EU investigation into flight prices: “The Meloni government leads in Europe”

As demonstrated by the words of the European Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean, who spoke about the anomalies occurring in the prices and fares of flights in Europe which, in the summer of 2023, reached average values ​​between 20 and 30% higher than in 2019, when the price fuel prices were falling and the price of plane tickets was rising, European Union officials are investigating and examining the details of what exactly is happening in the market and why. At the same time, Antitrust launched an investigation into the pricing algorithms used by airlines on routes connecting the Peninsula and the islands with the aim of verifying whether the algorithms can lead to speculation that harms consumers.

Once again, the Meloni government, thanks to the measures introduced in the Heritage decree, recently approved by Parliament, demonstrates attention and protection to citizens, to users who have no market alternatives on the islands, to operators who need transparency to be able to act better. It confirms attention to all Italians, not just monopolies, and the investigation launched by Antitrust represents its first concrete application. Thanks to Minister Urso, MIMIT achieved its objective. But not only. It is not the first time that Italy, in a year under Meloni’s government, has also led the way in Europe, acquiring day after day that central and strong role that it has been missing for some time and that it deserves. The Meloni government has brought Italy back to its leading role in Europe.” This was stated by Fratelli d’Italia deputy Alessia Ambrosi.

Source: IL Tempo