Spain, Procaccini and Fidanza against the new Sanchez government: “Dangerous precedent”

The new Sanchez government in Spain is causing a real stir. Fratelli d’Italia representatives in the European Parliament have no doubts and believe that the Sanchez executive represents a dangerous precedent for democracy.

“Exactly what we would no longer like to see in Italy is happening in Spain: a party defeated in the elections, Sánchez’s socialists, which, in order to govern, resorts to shameless palace games to the point of undermining national unity. By allying themselves with the Catalan and Basque separatist forces and resorting to amnesty for the promoters of the separatist referendum, Sánchez’s socialists and their allies have created an ugly and dangerous precedent for democracy. A clear violation of the rule of law and democratic rules that occurs before the eyes and with the complacency of the European left, including Italy. At this moment, a debate on this matter in the EU Parliament becomes more urgent and necessary than ever, as requested by Vox, the party that, together with Popolari, constitutes the Spanish center-right that is the real winning side elections”. This is what the co-president of the ECR group in the European Parliament, Nicola Procaccini, and the head of the Fratelli d’Italia delegation in Brussels, Carlo Fidanza, declare.

Source: IL Tempo