D66 argues for transparency about infringement behaviour

The board of D66 will publish its findings on cross-border behavior within the party on Friday. The party leadership thus responds to a request from more than 300 members. In an open letter they requested that the files in the Frans van Drimmelen case be opened.

Members asked in an open letter today that the party leadership will explain its role in covering up the party leader’s extreme behavior by the end of this week. “We hear the justified desire of members to hear from us quickly and to be as open as possible,” the party board said in a response. said. No further details are given.

As a lobbyist, Van Drimmelen was party strategist and former chairman of the D66 talent committee. Following the complaint against him, an investigation was opened and a report was published. The public part of the report was published in 2021, a few weeks before the elections to the House of Representatives. However, the secret part, which deals with bullying, threats and blackmail, was kept secret by the party leaders, according to De Volkskrant.

The party bureau announced yesterday that it would reconsider the investigation of the Bing bureau. “We do this with the care that this situation requires,” says the board now. It is unclear whether any sanctions have been imposed on Van Drimmelen. The party leadership declined to say anything.

Source: NOS