Florence, exclusive: the poll that terrifies the Democratic Party. All Eike Schmidt numbers

Florence, exclusive: the poll that terrifies the Democratic Party.  All Eike Schmidt numbers

A confidential research, precise and of high political value. He took exclusive ownership of our newspaper. A statistical investigation that highlights how, finally, the Florentine center right identified the ideal candidate to topple the last of the red forts. The analysis carried out by Eumetra in a sample of eight hundred people, residents of Florencein the period between October 27th and November 13th, reveals that Eike Schmidt he is the right man to defeat, for the first time, the Democratic Party on the banks of the Arno. Let’s start with the sample: 44% men, 56% women, 24% between 18 and 44 years old, 36% between 45 and 64 years old and 40% over 65 years old. Respondents have high education in 43%, medium in 39% and low in 19%. 75% (which translates into a high number of 83% for those who declare themselves center-right) are aware that there will be European and local elections in June.

O 38% will give preference to center-leftO 23% about conservatives (which are encouraging +6% compared to June), 10% on civic lists, while a substantial 29% (although down 13 percentage points compared to last summer) have not yet decided or do not want to reveal their idea to the interviewer. But the most surprising results only arrive on page 8 of the PDF summary. Among center-right voters, 60% say they are happy to vote Eike Schmidtwhile only 27% would support a more purely political choice (e.g. the names of councilors are provided in the survey Mario Razzanelli, of Forza Italia and Jacopo Cellai, from IDE). The remaining 12% still do not have clear ideas.

It should not be underestimated that 58% of those interviewed were aware of rumors of a rapprochement between the current director of the Uffizi Gallery and the Tuscan center-right. Finally, Eumetra’s statistical analysis offers an interesting comparison. Which, if possible, puts an end to an issue that is clear to all analysts: Florentines want to change the handle that guides them, but they ask that a civic body of high cultural depth do so. And not a party leader. When asked, if the candidate were a political exponent (the names of Razzanelli and Cellai are proposed again) 53% declared that they did not know them, 19% would certainly not vote for them, 14% would take them into consideration, 8% would not vote for them. they would not even consider them, 4% do not express their opinion and only 2% would certainly vote for them. A completely different story when the name of the German art historian (which will take away Italian citizenship in eight days). 10% would certainly vote in favor, 36% would consider it, 28% would not vote in favor, 19% would not consider it and 8% do not know or do not want to answer. Research that risks making breakfast go by the wayside DP Florentino and who opens the doors for Eike Schmidt as (possible) candidate for mayor from the center-right in Florence.

Source: IL Tempo