“Sweatshirt with demonic symbols of Giulia Cecchettin’s sister”: Delusions of district councilor Valdegamberi

Perhaps in search of a few hours of visibility, perhaps in the unstoppable urge of having to express something, Veneto’s regional councilor Stefano Valdegamberi saw fit to attack what Elena Cecchettin had announced on his Facebook page. In these hours of deep pain, Giulia’s sister uses the limelight that finds itself focused on her, despite herself, for a commendable dissemination work about the scourge of gender violence.


“I listened to Giulia’s sister’s statements about Dritto and Rovescio – Valdegamberi, a member of the mixed group selected from the Zaia list, wrote on his own page – and I can say that they did not convince me only because of their coldness and attitude. Indifference in the face of such a great tragedy, but I have doubts “And they raised doubts, I hope the judges will consider it carefully. I strongly disagree with the statement he made. It seems to me to be an ideological message, purpose-built, ready to be carried out.”

“Satanic Symbols”

It is not known what the judges should examine, more precisely they may decide to examine the councillor’s statements further; he actually went so far as to imply that Elena Cecchettin was somehow aware of what Filippo Turetta claimed. He did this to his sister Giulia; But the delirium does not end there: “And Valdegamberi writes: That sweatshirt with some satanic symbols on it helps to understand many things… I hope the research will clarify. Patriarchal society? Rape culture? Is there more here? Go look on social media, doubts “It becomes certain. It’s almost an attempt to justify the murderer by placing the responsibility on the ‘patriarchal society’. We should talk about a Satanist society rather than a patriarchal society, girl. Someone who plays a role in something pre-determined and pre-formed. Maybe I’m wrong and this is just my suggestion,” she concludes.

In short, we are in the middle of telegram chats with flat earthers, followers of Trump and Putin, those who spread false news about vaccines and those who cure Covid with bleach enemas. The problem is that this gentleman sits on the regional council, not in a tavern in Seren del Grappa. This says a lot about the choice made when preparing the lists. In reality, the sweatshirt worn by Giulia Cecchettin’s sister bears the logo and can be purchased from “Thrasher Mmagazine” magazine, which talks about skateboarding and has nothing to do with Satanism.

Scarpa (Pd): “Valdegamberi resigned”

“Democratic Party Deputy Rachele Scarpa states that in Valdegamberi’s disgusting statement, he questions the existence of a patriarchal society and rape culture. But above all, he still uses violence: This is acquittal, it distracts from what is happening, it disrupts the order. It would be better if he stayed in it, even if only modestly.” a silence.So thanks to yet another rich white male who uses his position as a public figure to amplify rather than deconstruct the same culture that breathes and kills the air.“Resign immediately. “Your words contaminate public discourse and endanger us all.”

Zaia: “I completely dissociate myself from Valdegamberi’s words”

Meanwhile, on the other hand, the Union is in a hurry to issue a statement in which it is said that the councilor was never a member or militant of the party. Even the President of Veneto, Luca Zaia, openly condemns what his advisor wrote: I completely disassociate myself from what Stefano Valdegamberi wrote – that’s what he said – and from his words, both in terms of the concepts he expresses and the methods. I think it is time for compassion and respect, not to resort to the intervention of judges in the personal statements of the sister of a girl who died in this tragic way. We are all called to think deeply and sincerely and, above all, to fight against all forms of violence against women in society. Giulia is the 105th innocent victim in this country; There is a lot of work to be done to educate the whole society; “In schools, studies aimed at new generations and all social layers are welcomed.”

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