Giorgia Meloni against Lilli Gruber: “She exploits Giulia’s tragedy”

Round trip between Lilli Gruber and Giorgia Meloni. During the Otto e mezzo episode shown on November 20, the La7 journalist attacked saying that the prime minister was an expression of a patriarchal culture. And the Prime Minister’s response was not long in coming, as he responded in kind on social media.

“I don’t know how some people find the courage to exploit even the most horrible tragedies to attack the government. Now, the bizarre new thesis supported by Lilli Gruber in her broadcast is that I am the expression of a patriarchal culture. As you can clearly see in this photo that depicts four generations of my family’s “patriarchal culture”. Truly speechless.” Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni wrote this on her Facebook page, posting a photo of herself with her newborn daughter Ginevra, her mother and grandmother.

Source: IL Tempo