Florence, the research on Schmidt and Renzi’s action: there is panic in the Democratic Party

A name that is literally giving Democratic Party leaders sleepless nights. Afraid of losing the last red fort. Aware that they cannot even count on the support of Italia Viva. The poll released yesterday exclusively by our newspaper confirmed that Eike Schmidt will, barring any last-minute surprises, be the center-right candidate for mayor of Florence. This morning, some local newspapers reported that moderates were approaching Maria Oliva Scaramuzzi, vice-president of the Cassa di Risparmio foundation.

Totally unfounded news, created ad hoc to (try to) create tension among conservatives and denied at every stage by those interested. “In relation to what came out today in some media, I categorically deny my interest in a possible candidacy for mayor of Florence. My professional commitments deserve to be carried out with the greatest dedication and do not allow us, even remotely, to assume the beginning of a path such as candidacy for an important and highly prestigious position such as mayor of Florence”.

Scaramuzzi’s name, highly esteemed especially within Forza Italia, could, however, become relevant again if the June vote establishes the victory of the center-right. A profile like his would, in fact, be perfect to cover the delicate role of budget advisor. The Democratic leadership, despite Cecilia Del Re’s incessant pleading, was definitively convinced not to organize the primaries. And focus heavily on Sara Funaro’s name. An option that, if confirmed, would definitively distance Matteo Renzi from the left. The Rignano native has repeatedly reiterated that his candidate for mayor is Stefania Saccardi. A strong profile, capable of dragging centrists between twelve and fifteen percent. An experienced politician, who could present himself for the vote together with Cecilia Del Re, increasingly disappointed with the ostracist attitude of the Democratic Party. A couple capable of draining votes from Democrats. And to bring the last strong red to the vote.

Source: IL Tempo