Maneuver, opposition creates wall with 2,600 amendments: the obstructionist strategy

Yesterday, the opposition presented its amendments to the Budget Committee at Palazzo Madama. Between the Democratic Party, the 5 Star Movement and the Green Alliance and the Italian Left, the number should be around 2,600 who announce shared texts on health and minimum wage. According to parliamentary sources, the Democratic Party presented 1,103 plus an agenda, M5s 945, Alternative Verdi Sinistra 329, while Italia Viva intends to bring around 200 texts and Action 91. The League, despite agreements not to present changes, deposited three non-onerous. Corrective measures from the majority are expected later during the debate in the Commission through a text from the rapporteurs, which is expected to address in particular some rules on public sector pensions that have met with opposition especially from doctors who have called a strike for December 5th.

The extension of the deadline for discussing the budget law is also due to the simultaneous discussion of the Advance Decree in the Senate, which will be converted into law by mid-December. The timing of the maneuver initially hypothetical by the majority could, therefore, undergo some changes with the arrival at the Palazzo Madama Chamber, which could be postponed to December 11th to complete the process in the Chamber before Christmas. However, yesterday the European Union considered that the Italian maneuver “is not fully in accordance with the recommendations of the Council of 14 July”. There are eight other eurozone countries “postponed” by Brussels. The European Commission points out to Italy that “it did not use the savings resulting from the reduction in subsidies in the face of high energy prices to reduce the deficit”, one of the structural problems that weighs most on our public accounts. “This is not a rejection, it is an invitation to budgetary prudence and the best use of common European resources”, specifies the European Commissioner for the Economy, Paolo Gentiloni.

The Minister of Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti, comments: «We accept the Commission’s judgment. Everything as expected: despite the legacy of the negative impact of energy and super bonuses, we move forward with healthy realism.” Meanwhile, today the 5 Star Movement and the Democratic Party announce the presentation of their “counter-maneuver”. Giuseppe Conte, president of the 5 Star Movement, explained that they will illustrate their proposals on the maneuver with which “growth can be promoted even in this economic situation. We will demonstrate that it is not true, as Meloni said, that the blanket is short. If you know how to use it, the blanket is enough. We will generate resources and intervene against the halt in pension cuts, against the disastrous public health system, with new investments for companies, which are necessary, and also with help with mortgages”, he explained.

Source: IL Tempo