Maneuver, the League’s gesture: the three amendments withdrawn

The center-right is compacting. The amendments presented by the League to the Budget Law, despite the majority agreement not to present any, will be withdrawn and transformed into agendas. The changes to the Manobra concerned the contribution of cross-border workers to the National Health Service, honorary judicial power, the exclusion of local authorities in a situation of deficit from the contribution to public finances.

The agenda asks the government to commit to “adopting all initiatives within its competence that aim to modify the contribution mechanism, introducing criteria of progressive withdrawal in relation to net profit, with a minimum and maximum monthly contribution ceiling of 30 to 190 euros” for cross-border workers. “Evaluate the opportunity to extend the possibility of retention in voluntary service and upon request” of honorary magistrates up to the age of 73. Finally, evaluate the opportunity to reconsider the “public of subjects involved in contributing to public finances”.

Explaining what happened and ending the opposition’s controversies is the leader of the League in the Senate, Massimiliano Romeo: “On the issue of amendments in the last majority meeting with Minister Ciriani, I understood that 2 or 3 right ones could be presented at a symbolic level. Evidently I misunderstood and I have already given the order to remove them and transform them into guidelines. The confirmation – explains LaPresse – comes from the fact that they were at zero cost”.

Source: IL Tempo