Lollobrigida, the minister’s truth: “Stop the train? No abuse”

Agriculture Minister Francesco Lollobrigida stopped a Frecciarossa train in Ciampino, near Rome, where there is no high-speed stop. The reason: the train was delayed by almost two hours due to a fault on the railway line; as Il Fatto Quotidiano reported. The minister boarded the Frecciarossa 9519 in Rome Termini, which left Turin at 7:00 am bound for Salerno, to arrive in Caivano where the inauguration of the recently renovated green park awaited him. But when the breakdown occurred and the train was diverted to the old Rome-Naples line, the minister, afraid of being late, asked the train driver to get off at Ciampino, where he arrived in Caivano in the blue car. Trenitalia also intervened in the case and wanted to specify how: «The Ciampino stop did not cause any further delays for travelers, nor any repercussions on traffic, nor additional costs for the company».

It then specifies that extraordinary stops are planned for a series of cases such as the intervention of 118 on board, the presence of intemperate travelers, in cases of public order or to overthrow an institutional body that must exercise its public function. The minister wanted to clarify the matter: «The train I took to arrive, I only managed to discover after departure, was 100 minutes late and in a few kilometers made several long stops. I asked if it was possible to get off one of these, just like other passengers, but the doors lacked tickets so I could be with them, meet the people who were waiting for me, thank our men and women in uniform and the students. Plant with them the tree of legality dedicated to Judge Falcone in the center of the Park, demonstrating that the State is there and does not give way to holes”, concluded the minister. Obviously, the matter generated a lot of controversy. According to Elly Schlein: «Not everyone can stop trains where it is convenient», announcing that she had presented a question.

For Carlo Calenda: «It is not acceptable. It demonstrates a mistaken conception of the use of public power and demonstrates little sense of dignity in relation to the role played. At least he should apologize.” Matteo Renzi is tough and calls for the minister’s resignation because “ministers cannot stop the trains of all citizens”, according to the IV leader this is “an unprecedented abuse of power” For Giuseppe Conte the Lollobrigida case represents “a devastating sign of politics for citizens” and adds “I don’t know if it was ever done by a Minister of First Minutes The delay accumulated by the train in which the Minister of the Republic was traveling”. Among others, Tommaso Foti of Fratelli d’Italia also responded to the opposition’s controversies. «Today from the usual newspaper, with the crowd following some left-wing parliamentarians, comes the latest attack on Minister Lollobrigida. His fault would be that he got off the Frecciarossa train due to a serious delay and without causing any inconvenience to passengers, just to attend an important event such as the inauguration of the Caivano urban park.”

Then he attacks Matteo Renzi: «And Renzi’s resignation makes you smile a lot, coming from the same person who ordered “Renzi Aeronautics” to be created entirely for him. Solidarity with Minister Lollobrigida” concluded the leader of the FdI group in the Chamber. Guido Crosetto, Minister of Defense, also intervened in defense of his government partner. «Conte and Renzi against Lollobrigida. I did. 1) the (normal) train was seriously delayed; 2) I was expected in #Caivano and I didn’t want to leave hundreds of children and citizens waiting; 3) no hassle or increased expense: got off at a stop to arrive on time. That’s all,” he wrote in X Crosetto.

Source: IL Tempo