Frecciarossa case, Lollobrigida defends herself: no renunciation, yes to comparison

No intention of dismissal, but at the same time total availability for discussion, even in Parliament, to definitively clarify the matter. The Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida, continues to be at the center of the opposition’s attention due to the episode of the Frecciarossa train, which was heavily delayed, which was stopped at an unscheduled station to continue by car towards Caivano, where it was expected. But he continues: “As far as I’m concerned, I will do whatever is necessary. I never ran away from confrontation. I am convinced that I acted not only within the scope of legality and rules but in the interests of the State, to represent it in Caivano. That train ride was not to go on vacation or visit my family, but to do my job”, he comments, reiterating a firm “no” to anyone who talks to him about a possible dismissal.

It was not “a privilege” to get off that train, as I had already stated: “For me, the real privilege was to be among the citizens of Caivano, starting with the children, who are our future and who today are able to return to the park, thanks to the work of the police and army who quickly cleaned up what was a drug trafficking square. The State is there, it is there in rapid times and not only when the spotlights were on, but also in the days following.”

Voices are raised in his defense from the majority, not only from the Brothers of Italy, especially from the leader of Forza Italia, Antonio Tajani: «It seems to me that the Railways and Minister Lollobrigida have clarified the matter. For me there is no point in making anyone resign. The matter has been clarified”, underlines the deputy prime minister, who then adds: “The minister was not going on holiday with his family but to Caivano, for service reasons so there is no privilege”. The leader of the group in the FdI Chamber, Tommaso Foti, believes that «the train stop and minister Lollobrigida is a case that does not exist, as Trenitalia demonstrated by saying that the same event occurred during the year more than two hundred times. ” The voice of the leader of the Northern League group in the Senate, Massimiliano Romeo, stands out: «I think that Lollobrigida’s behavior is something that should be avoided, we should try to avoid generating controversy even if I understand that there may be institutional issues and moments in which These are the things to do.”

Source: IL Tempo