Step towards independence from the liberals illuminates social networks

Political sectors and public opinion shook social networks on Monday after the director of the Liberal Party, former President César Gaviria, warned that the red tents would abandon the governing coalition towards independence.

The former Minister of Agriculture, Andrés Valencia, wondered: “Gaviria is having a hard time with this. He is leaving and joining the governing coalition in all governments. He complains that he has not had representation in them and always has. Independence ” It will depend on the ‘jam’ they spread. Opportunism in the face of the liberal convention.”

Meanwhile, political analyst Ani Abello stressed: “This was getting interesting. César Gaviria informs Petro that the Liberal Party will leave the governing coalition and move towards independence for three reasons: the result of the territorial elections, they do not support healthcare.” reforms and they have no participation in government.”

For his part, former Senator Antonio Sanguino of the Green Alliance, also in the middle of that group’s deliberation last Monday on whether to leave the coalition and pursue independence, wrote: “I am proud to be part of a political power. alternative such as the Green Party, which is comparable neither in methods nor in the content of its decisions to a liberal party controlled by a patriarch like César Gaviria. Our DNA is change.”

But Nicolás Gómez, from the Movement for National Salvation, responded: “Okay, in the Green Party there is no leader, but there is a board of directors for bureaucracy and compensation. They will meet to see whether they leave the government or not. I understand. it is just as difficult, the “The hunger of the greens sometimes exceeds that of Gaviria. Nowadays they eat from Dapre, Icetex, SENA and ministries.”

On the other hand, Historical Pact Cali councilor Ana Erazo criticized: “How curious that the positions of Green Party leaders such as Catherine Juvinao and Katherine Miranda, who are shifting the waters so that the Green Party can declare independence, coincide. with the views of political merchants such as César Gaviria. Without political cohesion, no sustainable paths will be forged. Political projects are built by leadership with tenacity, not with the soul of weather vanes.”

And from the red screens themselves, Senator Juan Pablo Gallo opined that “the path of the @PartidoLiberal should be opposition and not independence. The actions of the government, the scenario of the country, the voice of Colombians show us that this is the route. We cannot continue to reject a reality that plunges us into uncertainty.

Source: El Heraldo