Maneuver, government solutions for doctors’ pensions

The government would be willing to correct, with a major change, article 33 of the budget, that is, the one that cuts the pensions of 732 thousand public employees, of which 55,600 are doctors, by twenty years. The indiscretion comes from La Repubblica which claims that the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, would be ready to discuss the matter with the unions gathered at Palazzo Chigi. And there would be three options on the table: excluding only health professionals from the cut, postponing the measure only to doctors or saving all employees, but penalizing early departures. However, the hypotheses under consideration are not yet clear. Palazzo Chigi, led by undersecretary Giovanbattista Fazzolari, would not be in favor of the solution suggested by Matteo Salvini and the League, that is, to postpone for one or two years the entry into force of the recalculation for everyone, without major shocks to the coffers of the State.

In this scenario, however, skeptics argue that there would in fact be a real flight of retirees. Certainly the idea of ​​withdrawing the article, loudly requested by Luigi Sbarra and CISL, is not even among the options on the table. Furthermore, CGIL and UIL would not appreciate the specific exemption, although the State Accountant General, Biagio Mazzotta, made it clear that 2 billion would be needed immediately for amortization – as much as the intervention is worth in its peak year. The parliamentary budget office made the calculations and spoke of savings for the State – thanks to article 33 – of up to 21.4 billion euros net of taxes by 2043. According to La Repubblica, however, for some of the civil servants involved – employees of local authorities, including nurses, doctors, pre-primary and primary school teachers, judicial employees – article 33 would lead to a loss of up to three years of contributions, with a deficit of more than 3 thousand euros per year.

Giorgia Meloni, however, does not want to go back and from Palazzo Chigi they continue to repeat like a mantra: “We will eliminate the inequalities of old parameters that are too generous compared to other employees”. But the specter of “double unconstitutionality” also hangs over the article and in order not to run the risk of creating a retroactive rule that only excludes certain categories, the aim is to limit the exemption in time, for example for doctors, justifying it with the emergency in healthcare and the need to keep as many healthcare professionals at work as possible.

Source: IL Tempo