Red robes, Minister Nordio: “I do not fear the attack from the Judiciary”

“I don’t fear an attack from the judiciary, nor does Crosetto.” So did the Minister of Justice, Carlo Nordio, in the Five Minutes episode broadcast on Rai Uno. «I believe that Crosetto interpreted what is a very widespread feeling – continues the minister – that emerged mainly in recent decades and was aggravated by the Palamara scandal where there was a wound that has not yet healed and that found its most brutal element in that sentence pronounced by two magistrates: ‘Salvini is innocent, but we must attack him’. A blasphemous and sacrilegious sentence for two magistrates, about which there should have been general indignation and about which, unfortunately, the judiciary itself did not fully clarify. Especially because Palamara said it wasn’t the only time”, concludes Nordio.

Meanwhile, the president of the National Association of Magistrates, Giuseppe Santalucia, spoke about the contacts he had with Crosetto. «We spoke to the minister, he was kind enough to call me. He is out of Italy and when he returns we will probably meet. We didn’t talk much because he was abroad.” then Santalucia in Otto and mezzo in La7. Regarding the statements made to Corriere della sera regarding the judiciary, Santalucia added that minister Crosetto “accepted this concern based on some expression that was given to him communicated by some conference or congress of magistrates, from what I understand.” “The problem is precisely here,” continues Santalucia, “that in the interview on Sunday morning, things are quite different: it involved magistrates who agreed among themselves to use their powers courts to oppose the government. This is unacceptable and disturbing, essentially an accusation of subversion. I tried to explain to him the reasons for my concern, because giving news of this type to public opinion obviously has a very strong impact. Magistrates are at the service of the country, totally faithful to the Constitution and extremely respectful of State institutions. Crosetto quickly told me that we would meet and that in any case his intention was not to accuse the Judiciary of preparing malicious actions to attack the government. I believe someone told you some news or phrase expressed at a conference, but a conference is something else, a legal debate about political-institutional balances.”

Source: IL Tempo