Politico.eu ranking, Giorgia Meloni is the most powerful in Europe

Giorgia Meloni was proclaimed the “most powerful person” in Europe according to the special annual ranking of Politico.eu, the European edition of the American newspaper Politico that deals with political affairs in the European Union. The Italian Prime Minister wins the “Doers” category, that is, those who do it, the politicians who, with their commitment and activity, try to change Europe for the better. In second place, behind Meloni, was Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission. On the third step of the podium is Emmanuel Macron, president of the French Republic.

Meanwhile, the Italian Prime Minister is preparing to fly to Dubai and participate in Cop28. Giorgia Meloni will represent Italy and will fly to the UAE on Thursday and depart again on Saturday night or Sunday morning. The prime minister’s agenda – especially with regard to possible bilateral negotiations on the sidelines of the conference in which diplomacy is working – remains a work in progress, while participation in the two high-level sessions scheduled for Friday and the speech in plenary on Saturday. COP 28 is an appointment to make a full assessment of progress made since the adoption of the Paris Agreement and on reducing emissions globally with the aim of adopting measures to address the threat posed by climate change. Dubai is therefore preparing to host the 28th United Nations Framework Conference on Climate Change, from Thursday until December 12th. Within the scope of COP28, the World Climate Action Summit (Wcas) will also be held on the 1st and 2nd of December, hosted by the President of the Emirates, Mohamed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, who invited Heads of State and Government to participate in the event. . In the end there will be more than 150, a number that has not been seen for some time, diplomatic sources point out, underlining the success of Emirati diplomacy. And Meloni will arrive fresh from her coronation as the most powerful politician in Europe.

Source: IL Tempo