Frecciarossa case, Francesco Lollobrigida clarifies everything

«I requested an extraordinary stop to guarantee the State’s presence at an important event such as the inauguration of Parque Coração Verde do Caivano». So did the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forests, Francesco Lollobrigida, during the question period held in the Montecitorio Chamber of Deputies. «The Trenitalia case? I have to reconstruct a history regarding controversies that I consider completely illusory. From October 7th, the Carabinieri began restoration activities in the Cuore Verde de Caivano Park. In this sense, National Tree Day was chosen to inaugurate the park in my presence as minister pro tempore. The start of the ceremony described was scheduled for 3pm and, before that, a visit had been organized to the Morano institute, today a symbol of the repression of crime and one of the symbols of my ministry”.

«Having caught train 9516 – continued Minister Lollobrigida – a few minutes late but compatible with the commitments I had to report on, it was diverted regardless of my will to the normal railway line, announcing a delay that progressively increased with numerous stops unexpected. The trip – he continues – put my presence at the aforementioned events at risk, with serious consequences to the detriment of school staff, the Carabinieri and the many citizens who were outdoors on a day of meteorological warning for the Campania region. That’s why I decided to ask if an extraordinary stop was possible, without implying any preferential treatment. In this case, as stated by the head of Ferrovie dello Stato, there is no longer any inconvenience for all passengers, who thus have the opportunity to get off at Ciampino station. I am sure – he concluded – that I have fulfilled my duty, guaranteeing my presence in Caivano and my proximity to the State in a place often trampled by crime. I’m sure that if I had remained comfortably on the train, there would certainly have been someone who would have found a way to accuse me of my absence in Caivano.”

Source: IL Tempo