Pd, De Luca guest of Renzi dismisses Schlein: line totally rejected

The location changes, no longer an old Florentine station, but the Hotel Romeo, a 5-star hotel facing the port: a kind of Neapolitan Leopolda, a luxurious hotel with a swimming pool. Matteo Renzi thanks his reference editor for his hospitality, but he doesn’t export the same formula, he invents another: he celebrates “Il Riformista day”. He received the praise he didn’t expect from former Democratic friends for his intervention against the government in the Senate, he got rid of his anger due to Giorgia Meloni’s scathing joke who asked him to intercede with his friend Prince Mohamed Bin Salman to lower the price of gasoline, the Matteo volcanic is in full eruptive phase. «Meloni? Influencer from Italy.” And in the hypothesis of the Democratic leader of Landini he is even more blunt: “They are in a terrible state”. The leader of Italia Viva invited the mayor of Naples, Gaetano Manfredi, the president of the Region, Vincenzo De Luca, the Minister of Culture Gennaro Sangiuliano, the director of the Uffizi Eike Schmidt, the businessman Antonio D’Amato, interviewed by Paolo Liguori, Piero Sansonetti and Augusto Minzolini.

With the “sheriff” the relationship is tested, with the others it can lead to something more lasting. It’s convenient for everyone. Manfredi to respond to certain criticisms from De Laurentiis who is concerned about the stadium (“…they spent 900 million in Madrid”). And to De Luca for the usual machine gun of the Democratic Party, the favorite target, «Meloni’s life insurance». Other pills of De Luca’s thought: the new ruling class “poor art, jute bags”; the government that does not deserve “a medal for valor”; Meloni who “has intelligence and communication skills”; Giorgetti who has “skills to respond to the real needs of the economy”; Crosetto who “is a good person”. Instead, he belittles the Minister of the South, Raffaele Fitto, “a defrocked priest”, guilty of “not having released 23 million of the cohesion funds destined for Campania”.

The criticism of the Nazarene, as we said, is fierce: «The Democratic Party faced the time of rights in a disorganized way, breaking with the Catholic world». The target is always “Elena Schlein”, as he calls her, who focuses on civil rights and would not have a credible profile. And she remembers that thanks to him “every now and then the Democratic Party wins”. As for the 5 Stars, they remain in their sights but “if an opening opens and conditions exist for an alliance…” anything is possible. She defines Sangiuliano (who could run in the European elections) as “minister of ceremonies” and the head of the Roman College responds: “He does an excellent imitation of Crozza”. The rest is the outline. The third term for regional presidents, Severino, does not apply to parliamentarians. Guarantee to draw a border within which it is possible to form alliances. And here is the issue: the Matteo Renzi-Vincenzo De Luca-Cateno De Luca axis, former mayor of Messina, the new tribune of southern federalism. Waiting for the next Leopolda.

Source: IL Tempo