Government, Lollobrigida extinguishes all controversies: “Total convergence with Salvini”

The center-right unites and rejects any controversy after the League event in Florence, used by the left to attack the government. Agriculture Minister Francesco Lollobrigida spoke on the sidelines of the inauguration of the museum dedicated to Nazareno Strampelli al Masaf: «This government in foreign policy is cohesive and compact in defending international law, alongside Ukraine and obviously alongside Israel’s right to exist in the perspective of two peoples, of two States, which must be realized in that part of the world”.

“We establish our ways of creating alliances based on programs, common values, ideas, international politics does not go beyond that”, said the minister regarding the statements by Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. And further: «For us, what is at stake is Israel’s right to exist, for example, the defense of international law that is today undermined by Russia’s criminal invasion of Ukraine. Let’s say that after June 9th we hope that there will be a new European framework and, therefore, there is no point commenting on the current one. I must say that in Europe there are forces that do not recognize Israel, on the extreme left. Even in Italy there is someone who sympathizes with Hamas and is in the opposition.”

«With the League there is total convergence on the major issues», added Lollobrigida on the sidelines of the anti-inflation quarter table, «in support for Ukraine, in Israel’s right to exist. We are used to judging the actions of other political forces based on facts. It’s not like we always agree on everything about international politics. As we know, governments and political forces also speak to regimes that have values ​​that are profoundly different from ours… Dialogue and listening to what others think is always useful. There is no doubt about the issue of alliances. There is a great relationship with Lega and Forza Italia, although there are different belongings to different European families, but after the 9th the picture will be different. Although today the majority of Italy has cohesion from the point of view of international projection, very different positions emerge in the opposition on all issues. We think that just peace can be achieved in Ukraine with the protection of Ukraine’s right to exist and its freedom and self-determination, let’s say there are those who talk about peace regardless of just peace, so the surrender of Ukraine would be for some – the final push of the minister and former leader of the Brothers of Italy group – a solution”.

Source: IL Tempo