Now, right-wing leaders are also making their voices heard in Brussels

The meeting of sovereignists or, worse, the black wave: the event intended by Matteo Salvini to make people understand the antiphon he intends to sing in the upcoming 2024 European Championship campaign did not receive good press. It was normal. Just as it is also normal on the “next day” to be persecuted by the aforementioned press to grab the comment that causes controversy among the majority or that highlights the distinctions. Allow me, however, to highlight a few things. The first is fundamental: this majority is in the hands of parties (Fratelli and Lega) that, before voters, have frontally criticized Europe, its budgetary criteria, the excessive power of the financial economy through the usual kingmakers (Soros is among these, yes…) with regard to the real economy and the stability of society after years of deep crisis. Therefore, what we heard in Florence by European exponents from the area antagonistic to the “Ursula majority” is the encore or update of what we heard about eighteen months ago during the electoral campaign. Did the winners change their message? Have they converted to chameleonism?

It will always be the Italians, within a few months, who will make the cut in fulfilling promises or in betrayal. Personally, I think that the European Union needs forces in parliament that express that strong disenchantment (if not total disillusionment) that is present in the old continent from east to west, from north to south. Either because they expected growth results that did not materialize, or because faced with the challenges of a multipolar world, they believe that nations are better off alone in the game of always functional progress alliances. Hence the theses about Ukraine or the conflict in Gaza. Or about the excessive power of finance in the hands of a few that shapes the lives of multitudes. Europe makes no sense, we hear – including from Mario Draghi – while no one does anything to stop progress along the “absurdity”, whether towards the United States of Europe or towards the dissolution of the Union. We must move forward regardless . Sovereigns, they defined them.

As always happens when someone dares to criticize the neoliberal euro-gospel. Honestly, there is very little about sovereignism, as long as one stays within the “absurd” logic of Brussels. And there will be fewer and fewer if the jaws of not only the cannibal markets, but also the superstructures that shape the “right” norm itself, are clamped down on sovereign states. In recent weeks, for example, a last dangerous measure by the WHO has caused much discussion, the protocol of which should be binding on all member countries, unless they expressly oppose it. The same also applies to any loan financing (the Pnrr is) or the diabolical MEE, about which this majority consistently continues its harshest criticisms to date. Well, in addition to conventions like the one in Florence (in the photo), it would be good for sovereignists in their respective parliaments to block what they consider dangerous. Otherwise, it’s an empty ride.

Source: IL Tempo