President Gustavo Petro’s favorability drops to 35%

The favorable image of the President Gustavo Petro. According to the research of Figures and conceptsThe Colombian leader has a favorable rating of 35%, a decrease of five percentage points compared to the previous measurement carried out in September.

While your unfavorable image increased by four percentage points, from 55% in September to 59% in November, indicating that Colombians increasingly have negative perceptions of the President of the Republic.

Over the past nine months, the head of state’s favorable image has been gradually collapsing. In March of this year the president reached 52% favorability, in June it fell to 42%, in September to 40% and now in November it is at 35%.

The same behavior was clearly visible at the unfavorable image of President PetrOr, well, it has increased in recent months, as in August 2022 when he took office he was 29% unfavorable, and now it is 59%.

As for Vice President Francia Márquez, her unfavorable image exceeds that of Petroas it reaches 64%, an increase of one percentage point compared to the previous measurement.

While the official’s favorability fell to 26%, a drop of three percentage points.

The survey shows that Colombians believe that President Petro has performed poorly in the country’s most important actions, such as promoting education, boosting economic growth, reducing poverty, etc. In these tasks ‘split ‘ the president agrees fight common crime.

As far as his cabinet is concerned, the Ministers of Environment, Education and Foreign Affairs have the most favorable image.

Source: El Heraldo