Meloni tells RTL: “Without mercy for my private life, everything ended up on the streets”

An interview with Rtl 102.5 to talk about different topics. Prime Minister Giorgia Melonswearing headphones, he gave a series of long statements to the radio station during the Non Stop News program.

EVERYDAY LIFE – “It was a difficult year. Everything that could have happened happened. The secret is to live day by day. The intention and commitment of the government and the majority is to work to improve the conditions of citizens.”

MINIMUM WAGE – “The opposition makes me smile because it has been 10 years old and has never done this. I ask the unions to be more coherent, as they accept contracts worth 5 euros.”

REFORMS – “I think that in the end we will reach the referendum, I see an agreement on the reform package as extremely unlikely. They will do everything they can to make sure they don’t reach the port. In the end, the Italians will decide. I know a lot of people will speak out against this. They will do anything to stop you from approving. Institutional reforms represent those on which all others depend and I believe that in the end there will be a referendum, because I consider it very difficult to reach an agreement in Parliament. We will ask the Italians what they want to do and the Italians will decide if tomorrow they want to be the masters of this destiny or if they want to continue to have it done by those who objectively thought they were the owners of the institutions and are not. Criticisms? We don’t know what to say because we haven’t touched on the role of the President of the Republic, in this case Sergio Mattarella, who is a figure who represents an absolute reference for Italians. All we do is say that whoever leads the government must be chosen by Italians. This is the problem of those who contest the reform, because of those who are used to making and unmaking governments in the Palace at the expense of the Italians, implementing programs that no one voted for and putting into power people for whom no one voted clearly that he has problems with say the game is over.

GIULIA CECCHETTIN – “I look at yesterday, at those funerals so crowded, with people and emotions, as a day that could represent a turning point that could represent the beginning of something new on a cultural level but also invites us to reflect on the fact that we do not understand how much Covid has impacted younger generations, also in terms of their ability to socialize. We are not understanding the role that new technologies and social networks have, that messages increasingly based on nihilism, the culture of easy money and easy sex are having an impact. I also respond to those who also used Giulia’s murder to try to do a little political exploitation and I say that they made a big mistake because this is an issue that we should all ask ourselves, in a world that is changing extremely quickly and that we may not be fully understanding. The problem is always the same, there are men who do not accept female emancipation, women’s freedom and that is why they do not accept no. This is the underlying element of this problem and one that we must combat every day. The laws are there, it is at a cultural level that we can do much more. The real problem is the lack of culture, the crisis experienced by families and our educational system. We women are free and it is not normal to be afraid of a man who says he loves you. Call 1522 if you are afraid, because there is someone who can help you.”

PRIVATE LIFE – “Well, let’s say that sometimes my personal matters have been discussed mercilessly… But in the end, I decide to take the lead and we fight. There are few secrets left about me, since my life is now completely open…”

STABILITY PACT – “You cannot say yes to a reform that cannot then be respected. I will not deny that this is a very delicate moment in the negotiation. A serious Europe must take into account, in the new governance rules, the strategies that have been defined. Therefore, between Pnrr, energy and digital transition, we cannot fail to take into account the investments that Europe is asking for. We are doing our best to build an effective but reasonable summary.”

Source: IL Tempo