Minimum wage, Rizzetto leads Pd and M5S to collapse: “Do I spit in your face? You are the blades of politics”

It is impossible to continue and everyone stops. The minimum wage divides Montecitorio and curses fly between the majority and opposition forces, before a necessary and physiological suspension of the session. Chamber of Deputies, final vote on the law that empowers the government in matters of labor compensation and collective bargaining. Here’s the fight. And the conditions were all there, with Elly Schlein and Giuseppe Conte who in recent days announced the withdrawal of their signatures from the bill and the leader of the 5 Star Movement who also threw himself into the dramatic excerpt of the text of the provision in the Chamber. The fight broke out immediately after the Democratic Party secretary’s new attacks against the government.

The reaction of Walter Rizzetto, president of the Labor Commission, was very harsh and instantaneous. “The real leader of the opposition in this country is not President Conte nor Secretary Schlein, but Landini, who some time ago criticized the minimum wage, but today embraces it – deputy Fratelli d’Italia attacked head-on – second-level wage negotiation is not the salary cage, study, read…”. Rizzetto, who in his speech continued to provoke the opposition, bringing up the past and demanding the work of the majority: “No one has ever done anything about the issue of bad work, in fact, even the ineffable former minister Orlando was sleeping – he said, deputy – You never thought about what we are doing now. Secretary Schlein should read the delegation, we will do in six months what you have not done in twelve years.”

After the accusations there was also a joke: “Yesterday someone talked about spitting in the face – he said, recalling the fight the previous day – I must say that you are the llamas of Italian politics because for more than twelve years you have continually spat in the faces of not only the workers, but also voting for collective dismissals. This is the left of our country. Landini is your leader.” Shouts, whistles and protests on one side (the opposition), open applause on the other (the majority). Fabio Rampelli was forced to suspend the session while shouts of “shame” and “buffoons” continued. The opposition, with Laura Boldrini and Marco Furfaro in the lead, also displayed the signs “minimum wage denied”, “not in our name”, promptly removed by the clerks when the session resumed and before the measure was approved.

Source: IL Tempo