Minimum wage, Chamber approves delegation: fight breaks out in the Chamber

‘Minimum wage denied’, ‘legalized exploitation’, ‘not in our name’. The fight broke out in the chamber of the Chamber at the time of the vote on the delegation to the Government in matters of workers’ compensation and collective bargaining. “Shame”, the opposition parliamentarians shout, so much so that the current president, Fabio Rampelli, is forced to suspend the session. The measure was approved with 153 yes votes, 3 abstentions and 118 no votes and now goes to the Senate for consideration. The majority applauds, the minorities announce new battles. “Today is a sad day for the Republic, today when you crush, with one hand, the opposition’s proposal on the minimum wage and, with the other, give an indirect blow to 3.5 million workers, who are poor even let them work – Elly Schlein begins by speaking in the Chamber – They could have chosen between insulting this Parliament and the misery of millions of Italians; they chose to insult Parliament and will have the wrath of millions of Italians, who see their dignity trampled on”.

The democratic leader has a clear vision of the near future: “For all this, you must not be ashamed here, you must justify yourselves abroad – she warns – And the Italy that resists, that stands up in the streets, as if in conscience, does not I will forgive you for this.” The PD secretary involves the entire front: “We are moving forward, we will decide together with the other oppositions how to move forward”. Giuseppe Conte agrees. The M5S leader does not intend to give up: “I promise you that we will win this battle for the legal minimum wage”, he guarantees in a video published on social media. The former Prime Minister attacks Giorgia Meloni who, in the morning, on the radio, defends the delegation to the Government and the desire to “concentrate on increasing the salaries of those who actually have inadequate salaries without running the risk of lowering those of those who are in a slightly better position”, attacked the opposition: “I understand the fight, but I smile a little because objectively today the M5 and the Pd say that the minimum wage is the only real thing that needs to be done in Italy, and in the 10 years who are in government, it never occurred to him to do so”, said the prime minister.

“Giorgia Meloni’s pilates attitude does not make us smile and certainly does not make us laugh – responds Conte – Workers feel questioned because they lose their dignity, but we are determined to recognize their dignity because this is a battle that will not leave us standing still until we win. Let’s bring this to the country”, he guarantees. The five-star president then mocks the FdI leader: “He calls himself Rambo, but it is the workers who are Rambo. Let’s stop this victimization, let’s stop doing this Calimero pose – he jokes – if you don’t have the courage, we can’t do it because you give it to us.” In the Chamber, the FdI’s response is entrusted to Walter Rizzetto, president of the Commission of Labor and first signatory of the maxi-amendment that introduced the delegation: “We will do, in six months, what you were unable to do in twelve years – he says amid applause from the majority – This is the truth and that is why you are nervous, because we took from you a topic that should have been exclusively yours.”

Source: IL Tempo