Giorgia Meloni and her disgusting victimization

Giorgia Meloni and her disgusting victimization

The fourth most influential woman on the planet according to the Forbes rankings, she is firmly at the head of the country thanks to the Bulgarian parliamentary majority and the endless division of the opposition, but best of all, she is the undisputed queen of the polls, although they are certainly not exciting. The results were brought home in the government’s first year. On paper, Giorgia Meloni should have crossed the country like a Frecciarossa at 350 kilometers per hour, in reality he was hours late and also had to stop at Ciampino to let his brother-in-law get off.

Metaphors aside, the prime minister is well aware that compromise is not eternal, especially in a country like Italy. Matteo Renzi, who went from 41 percent altar to 2 percent dust, knows something about this; The Grillini people know something about this; they will probably never see the 33 percent in 2018 again; his ally and rival Matteo Salvini knows something about this; At the 40 percent threshold he ruined everything in those noisy days on Papeete Beach, which irreversibly eroded his popularity precisely to the advantage of the Brothers Italy and its leader.

It’s always someone else’s fault

To take action and extend the honeymoon with the part of the electorate that might sooner or later lower the stadium support flags and hold him to account for the extravagant promises he has not kept and will never keep – from the beginning – the now mythological “sea blockade” to stop the phantom “invasion” of immigrants – Meloni is characterized by victimization He proposes a narrative in which those who are subjected to his interventions shout from the minority ranks, avoiding responsibilities just like his predecessors did. “The maneuver was a difficult job. Everyone is good at doing it when there is money,” he said in a radio interview: a quote worthy of the best Giulio Andreotti.

As in a movie that has been watched and re-watched before, according to the Prime Minister, it is the fault of previous governments that the economy has not improved and the purchasing power of families has come to a halt; If your government does not want to enact a minimum wage law, it is the fault of previous governments; It is the fault of the Emilia Romagna region that refunds are delayed due to flooding. And the list could be long. Since leaving the reassuring opposition benches to take the seat that matters, Meloni has been on the defensive, sometimes acting as if he wasn’t the one dealing the cards, as if his hands were tied by who knows what secret force. However, despite the large majority in the parliament, the executive branch dismissed the Parliament by asking for a vote of confidence 42 times. It’s a method Meloni has defied others, most recently Mario Draghi. In short, it looks pretty hands-free.

public and private

This weary lament is now a constant in each of his public outings, making us almost miss those screams and those wild eyes that characterized his rise to power. “My private problems were talked about, sometimes harshly, but eventually I put my mind to it and we fought. Considering that my life is now spent on the streets, there are very few secrets left about me,” he said. To the “package scandal” that marked the last chapter of his romantic relationship with Andrea Giambruno: Maybe the front pages of some newspapers about Giuseppe Conte’s holidays in Cortina, detailed about the “elegant dinners” of Matteo’s parents Renzi or his political father, the late Berlusconi stories. Or maybe you missed the videos of former Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, who was crucified here in Italy, dancing during a party.

It is perfectly normal for a Prime Minister to be the center of attention and for those close to him to be the center of attention, especially if this person is a television reporter who makes a program until mid-October. Commenting on her prestigious position in the Forbes rankings, Giorgia Meloni eliminated this victimization with an ironic joke, but did not give up: “Am I among the most influential in the world? Think about how we are.” Maybe he’s not entirely wrong in this case.

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