PD, Repubblica also criticizes Elly Schlein: “I owe it all to the primaries and now…”

The choice to nominate Sara Funaro for the Florence mayoral race triggered a real earthquake within the Democratic Party. The controversy increases due to the non-scheduling of the primaries and Repubblica also criticizes Elly Schlein for this choice: “It seems like a paradox, the secretary of the Democratic Party who owes everything to the primaries, if there weren’t any, Stefano Bonaccini would have won, coming first place in the voting of deputies, effectively closed the primaries for choosing the next candidates for mayors and governors”.

And it is the same newspaper that outlines a scenario that gets Schlein right: “In the first six months of 2024 there will be voting in four regions and around 4 thousand municipalities and in almost all places Schlein lowered the viewpoints in the name of a greater need, that is is, the construction of the field of alternative. Even going so far as to theorize it, despite the direct election of candidates and leaders being one of the constituent elements of the Democratic Party.” And Repubblica’s analysis is relentless: “It is a shame that the alliances made so far remain almost always incomplete, the dictates of the 5 Stars often prevail, civic candidates are only used when defeat is almost certain. Therefore, Schlein risks arriving at the crucial challenge of the European Championship quite worn out.”

Sardinia, Abruzzo, Basilicata, Piedmont, Florence, Bari, Cagliari, Bergamo and Livorno are all of us on the left. And there are also problems in the capital of Apulia: the coalition agrees not to go to the primaries. Small detail: there is no name that fits everyone and can be a candidate for City Council. A real friendly fire for Schlein and his “authoritarian” police.

Source: IL Tempo