Government withholds money from immigrants to give to law enforcement

A cut of 15 million per year for three years from funding for the reception of immigrants and unaccompanied minors. And for parliamentary changes to halve the treasury, which will increase from 100 million to 50 million in 2024. Thanks to these two “corrections” in the budget amendment, the majority managed to raise the funds to increase the security sector budget by 100 million.

It is a move that is already not well received by many opposition members and will not please the Municipalities that are most exposed to the flow of immigrants, considering that the resources cut are related to the new fund created for the reception of immigrants and unaccompanied children. same government. The attack by Marco Grimaldi, vice-president of the Green Alliance and left of the Parliament, is “shameful, immoral and immoral”. “Giorgia Meloni is pulling the gun for economic manoeuvres, hitting him with a cut of 15 million a year from the immigration fund for three years: he is taking the air out of the reception of immigrants and unaccompanied children. We are in the framework of xenophobic policies, which are also very dangerous for social stability”, Grimaldi concludes.

But the majority defend the move, which aims to increase funding for the police, armed forces and firefighters. “I am personally involved in this,” says Defense Minister Guido Crosetto. With this change, we are “following up on a commitment made in the Cabinet” and “exemplifying how committed this government is to the men and women in uniform.”

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Source: Today IT