Maneuver, are the deputies missing holidays? “We are spectators”, chaos in the Chamber

Widespread discontent in the Chamber due to the scheduling of work in the last days of the year to approve the Budget. “We deputies? We are spectators. The spectators of democracy. Either we come back to make amendments or we don’t come back”, said an illustrious person interviewed by Corriere della Sera. But what is happening? To avoid the provisional exercise, the Chamber will also meet on the 27th, 28th and 29th of December, with the center-right which, however, will not be able to present a single amendment, given that the resources have already been committed. An agreement sealed by Meloni herself with her team. Therefore, there are no long holidays or changes, but everyone is working: this is where the problems that agitate the honorable Members arise.

“You see. I’m not mad about having to work. If they tell me that I can bring a single euro into my territory, I will also go to court on December 31st, with the cotechino on fire. But that’s a bit much…” reaction from another deputy. And the newspaper describes the situation like this: “Discontent has no party, it is equally widespread among all the forces of the majority. There are those who take it out on the Mayor, Lorenzo Fontana, who is too complacent. And who, for reasons symmetrically opposed to those of the Senate Ignazio La Russa, is too aggressive. You find members of the Northern League who are angry with Fontana and Fratelli d’Italia who are angry with La Russa. Many, then, accuse the Minister of Relations with Parliament, Luca Ciriani”. A Christmas of fits and starts for the Chamber’s deputies.

Source: IL Tempo