Agreement on the maneuver, when the vote of confidence will be held in the Senate

After a week of impasse, an agreement was reached in the Budget Committee on the timing of the maneuver’s arrival in the Senate Chamber: the general discussion will begin on the afternoon of December 20th, while the vote of confidence will end on the 22nd, at 1pm. A mechanism studied to allow a complete discussion of the changes in the Palazzo Madama Commission, but also to send the text of the maneuver to the Chamber on the afternoon of December 22nd and forward it immediately to the competent Commissions, with discussion in the Chamber of Montecitorio , which could last from the 27th to the 29th to be completed before the end of the year. The agreement will now be ratified by the conference of group leaders. For days now, the majority and the opposition have been discussing both the work calendar and the themes of changes to be considered priorities without, however, reaching an agreement. Furthermore, the majority was also involved in an internal discussion that extended the deadline on the possibility of inserting an amendment by the rapporteurs to the maneuver that would contain measures on the progress of work on the superbonus, with Forza Italia defending a brief extension of the measure. However, the Mef reiterated that there is no plan to extend the 110% construction bonus. The provision, it is reported, should not find space in the thousand extensions that could be approved by the Council of Ministers next week.

The agreement between the parties led the Chamber’s Budget Committee to begin discussing and voting on the text at the end of the afternoon starting with the first article. The government presented 4 amendments in total, 17 from the rapporteurs, around 2,600 from the opposition, which also presented around 200 sub-amendments to the government texts. The changes presented by the executive concern corrections in the pensions of doctors, nurses and employees of public bodies, the modulation of resources to finance the Ponte do Estreito project, additional funds to supplement the salaries of the armed forces and bodies implementing the law and in some contributions to local authorities to reduce taxes. The Commission’s work was convened until Monday, December 18th, throughout the day, so work will also take place during the weekend. Among the speakers’ texts there is, however, a clarification on the dry tax for short-term rentals, the extension of the state of emergency until the end of 2024 linked to the conflict that has lasted for almost two years in Ukraine and a measure that facilitates access to credit for purchasing a house for large families. «I want to thank Minister Ciriani for the agreement reached, because it was only thanks to his excellent will and mediation capacity that this agreement was reached. We are happy because it is an agreement that respects the sacrosanct rights of the opposition and will allow us to also respect the rights of the Chamber, allowing the text to arrive before Christmas”, explains Mef undersecretary, Federico Freni. «We have already started voting – continue – now we are going to scan the times. We will give the mandate to the president on Monday at lunchtime.”

For the leader of the Democratic Party group on the Budget Committee, Daniele Manca: «The reason, the declarations of vote, the confidence, the votes at the polls won, everything will be done on the 22nd. Now there is an orderly path that allows us to give dignity to the role of Parliament. With this scheme there is time to do real reasoning about the country’s priorities and allow the Commission to also vote on the opposition’s amendments”. The budget law commits almost 11 billion, just less than half of its value, to the extension in 2024 of the cut in the tax and contributory burden in favor of income up to 35 thousand euros to try to guarantee around 100 euros more in employees’ salaries workers to drain inflation. Instead, the opposition, unions and employers’ associations called for the measure to be structural.

Source: IL Tempo