Prime Minister’s Office, La Russa: “The Head of State is granted only the prescribed powers”. Democratic Party: “Target Mattarella”

Ignazio La Russa inflamed the debate on constitutional reform to become prime minister. According to the President of the Senate, the reform, as he himself admitted, would “leave” to the President “the duties that the founding fathers wanted”, but would reduce these duties, because over time, Heads of State “rightfully assumed them”. Expanding to eliminate the shortcomings of the political”. According to the opposition, this is clear: The “target” of the reform is the President.

La Russa’s words that sparked the reform of the prime ministry

“The path the government has chosen is the least interventionist possible. Anything less – he warns – there is only the status quo, no direct elections envisaged by the centre-right programme”, La Russa said of the prime minister’s office at the year-end celebration ceremony with the parliamentary press.

The President of the Senate stated that the reform “does not affect the powers of the President in the slightest” and continues as follows: “We can say that there is now a substantive constitution that gives the President broader powers. The things that the Constitution originally envisaged,” he explains. “And direct election of the prime minister may reduce the continued use of these additional powers. Reduce them, not eliminate them,” he points out.

According to La Russa, this would be “not an act of weakness for our Constitution, but a healthy one, because it would leave to the President duties that the founding fathers largely wanted and which Presidents have rightly had to expand over time to compensate.” “Deficiencies in policy, including the need to protect ourselves against too short a period of governments… A government lasting five years does not perhaps make it all that necessary for the President to continue to exercise properly, and if he does so, powers not strictly provided for by the Constitution”.

Opposition: “Russia is throwing off the mask: the real target is Mattarella”

La Russa’s words sparked a reaction from the opposition. For the Democratic Party, Francesco Boccia says, “La Russa confirms that the real aim of the constitutional reform sought by the Meloni government and the right is to weaken the role of the President.”

Even for Avs president Luana Zanella, today came an “unprecedented attack on the Head of State” from the President of the Senate, “aimed at reducing the privileges of the Presidency as the guarantor of the balance of powers.” Action’s Daniela Rufino uses the weapon of irony to attack the Senate president: “I think we’re all a little grateful to him” because he “pierces without hesitation the veil of hypocrisy with which the right has so far defended the prime ministerial offer”.

La Russa immediately responded to the criticism, confirming that he has full respect for Sergio Mattarella. “In a note he says: “I always forget that when we talk about reforms, we must be wary of those who do not understand out of constitutional ignorance or pretend not to understand out of ingrained bad faith.” All the journalists present at the Scaldino ceremony today took my words well with regard to the future constitutional reform project that does not change the powers of the President “I think they understand. That’s clear.”

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Source: Today IT