Mentana research, FdI flies. Choc on the left: who places the arrow

In the week of Atreju, the youth festival of Fratelli d’Italia, but also of the PD Forum, the verdict of the usual Monday poll on the La7 news program by Enrico Mentana seems clear. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s party grew again, now with 28.5% (+0.3%). Also in the center-right, Matteo Salvini’s League has a negative signal with 9.1% (-0.3 points). Forza Italia remains stable at 7.2%, while Noi Moderati gains a tenth to 1.2%. There are real surprises on the left and not just for Elly Schlein.

In fact, the Democratic Party remains below 20%, losing another two tenths this week and falling to 19.4%. Giuseppe Conte’s 5 Star Movement is growing again, now with 16.8% (+0.4 points), close to the Democratic Party. Moving to the area of ​​the former Third Pole, Action, Carlo Calenda’s party gains a tenth and rises to 3.7%, while Renzi’s Italia Viva comes close, reaching 3.4%. The two-tenths jump allows Iv to catch up to the Green and Left Alliance, which grows by just 0.1. +Europe is stable at 2.6%, For Comparison Italy is decreasing at 1.7% (-0.2 points), as is the Unione Popolare led by former mayor of Naples Luigi De Magistris now at 1.4 %.

Source: IL Tempo