Tuscany, the left destroys healthcare and increases taxes to solve problems

Destroying Tuscan health, taking it away from the abyss and not even having the decency to admit one’s own faults. The Democratic Party always manages to surprise with its ability to point the finger at the center-right with meticulous consistency. Guilty, according to Democrats, of all the disasters in the world. Obviously, faced with a budget problem, the proposed solution will be to reduce waste? No. According to tradition, when there is a lack of money, the left increases taxes. Specifically, Giani’s council is working on a maxi amendment for an increase in personal income tax. However, Italia Viva does not fit. “We want to communicate our position regarding the budget session that is about to begin, a delicate session to discuss the budget in committees and we have supported this regional budget maneuver that we want to continue supporting – stated the group leader. with Stefano Scaramelli – We want to be loyal but we want to say that we are not available to vote on any tax increase, much less the increase in additional Irpef which we consider unfair, unnecessary and not shared”.

A note from the Tuscan Democratic Party was released in the afternoon. “The Christmas gift that Giorgia Meloni gives us is a new tax. Contrary to what was granted by Minister Speranza, the Meloni Government will not allow the Tuscany Region to include in its budget the credits it has for companies in the medical sector. From the so-called Payback, Tuscany would be entitled to 420 million corresponding to two years. To balance the health budget, it is therefore necessary to review the single regional Irpef surcharge, to be reviewed in December of next year”. Very strong criticism came from the regional councilor of Fratelli d’Italia, Diego Petrucci. “The increase in regional taxes to cover the budget hole in health is a Giani tax. In 2023, the Meloni Government allocated an additional 1.1 billion euros to Tuscan healthcare compared to 2019 (i.e. the last pre-Covid year): it went from 6.866 million 4 years ago to 7.933 billion this year . More than enough resources to cover inflationary increases. The Democratic Party – added Petrucci – is involved in unspeakable demagoguery over health funds. Even today he demands more resources from Rome when talking about inflationary increases. The truth is different: more than 53% of healthcare costs are completely independent of inflation. And the return? It’s just a bluff. Here we are faced with the fact that the Tuscany region has a deficit of 400 million euros in healthcare. This is not because the Meloni Government does not intervene, but because Giani & Co are not capable of managing healthcare in Tuscany. In 20 years, the left has built an elephantine machine useful for creating consensus but not for ensuring good health care. Even if the revenge money arrived, next year we would be back to square one, because the Democratic Party and the governor failed to carry out the necessary administrative reform of the health sector, aimed at combating waste and freebies. If it were up to me, instead of increasing taxes on Tuscans, I would start cutting in the administrative primaries.”

A position also shared by the leader of the Forza Italia group in the Tuscan Regional Council, Marco Stella. “An unacceptable scam of 200 million euros, which affects all Tuscans with incomes above 28,000 euros, to partially cover the excess of 400 million euros in the Tuscan health budget. In recent years, the Democratic Party and the left have accumulated a gigantic healthcare debt, and now they don’t know how to remedy their mismanagement, and they do it, as progressives always do: increasing taxes, in this case increasing the Irpef surcharge. We say no to any tax increase and call for a reduction in patronage and unproductive expenditure.”

Source: IL Tempo