“Compulsory nativity scene in schools”: The last crusade of the Brothers of Italy

That’s enough “Winterfest”. There is only room for Holy Christmas. Italy’s brothers are “locking up” Christian traditions. “It will no longer be possible to cancel the nativity scene, Christmas and Easter at all levels of Italian schools”, thanks to the bill submitted to the Senate by Giorgia Meloni’s party. Disciplinary penalties are on the way for those who do not comply with the instructions.

The bill aims to guarantee “respect for Italian religious traditions” and “protection of Italian religious traditions”.adnkronos. Rapporteur Lavinia Mennuni writes that this provision aims to focus precisely on Christian religious days such as Christmas and Easter and “the setting of the nativity scene, the performance of relevant ceremonies, celebratory games and performances”. Introduction of the bill consisting of four articles.

According to the FDI senator, “Allowing the transformation of sacred Christian holidays into another type of anonymous celebration” would amount to “discrimination against students and their families practicing the majority religion” as well as “an attack on the values ​​and deepest traditions of the country”. our people.”

According to Fratelli d’Italia, “the decision of some schools” to turn Holy Christmas into a ‘Winterfest’, that is, a celebration that is separated from and incomplete in the context of any historical, cultural commemoration related to our Nation. We read again in the text that “any ethical content is doomed to assume only a hedonistic-consumerist connotation.”

According to the Melonians, “legislative intervention is therefore necessary to prevent some administrators of educational and university institutions from canceling or otherwise invoking celebrations and traditions connected with Christmas and Christian Easter”. Additionally, the bill prohibits schools from “blocking initiatives aimed at maintaining activities, such as nativity scenes, games, etc., in connection with traditional celebrations connected with Christmas and Christian Easter, promoted by parents, students or authorized school bodies.” and other events connected with them, to remember their deep meaning in relation to humanity and the relationship that binds them to the Italian national identity. A disciplinary investigation will also be initiated against public administration employees who violate the rules introduced by the bill.

The response from the left was immediate: “They are ridiculous, they want to ban by law everything they don’t like. They continue to use their ‘weapons’ instead of governing the country, a task they do not know how to manage. Luana Zanella, group leader of the Greens and Left Alliance in Parliament, said: “This “The law, like this law, is a distraction to the principals who agreed to remove the nativity scene in the school,” he comments.

Source: Today IT