Mes, Foti destroys the left: “From the wide field to the holy ground”

“With the MES vote, the broad field became a sacred field.” The comment by the leader of the Brothers of Italy group in the Chamber, Tommaso Foti, is very harsh, following the rejection of the proposal for ratification of the European Mechanism. In an interview with Start, on Skytg24, the deputy from Giorgia Meloni’s party brings to light all the contradictions of the left, which tried to point the finger at the majority after the abstention of Forza Italia and Noi Moderati: “If there is no majority, it’s more, it’s that of the Conte government, because Giusteppe Conte voted against Conte. The FdI has always had a position contrary to the MEE. To defend herself against the accusation of having signed in the dark, she said that there were two motions from her former majority in favor of the MEE. So why did you vote against?”

“Ratifying the MEE – continues Foti – would be applying the wrong system at the wrong time. We had the courage to vote against ratification, showing our inherent consistency.” An excerpt then about the choices of allies in the Chamber: “Forza Italia legitimately decided to abstain from voting on the MEE, as did Honorable Lupi’s party. We have no difficulty in believing that the clarity of this blessed ratification from which all others have escaped must be clarified.”

Source: IL Tempo