FNV reported the ministry’s abuses to the labor inspectorate

The FNV union reported abuses to the labor inspectorate at the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports in The Hague. On Tuesday, the union announced it had received “alarming complaints” about bullying behavior and intimidation, among other things. Recently, dozens of ministry employees participated in the union survey.

According to FNV, this indicates that parts of the ministry have deteriorated industrial relations and a toxic working atmosphere with negative consequences for people in the workplace. The union said the labor inspectorate would launch an investigation.

FNV Vice President Kitty Jong: “Since the publication of our reconnaissance study, there have been other reports of VWS’s cross-border behavior. We expect this to be handled with the same urgency as an industrial accident. Because this is how cross-border behavior should be.”

Minister: “Extremely worrying”

According to the union, the survey has been conducted more than 250 times. The union says VWS employees do not trust the investigation announced by the ministry. Critics say this survey can be traced back to the people who completed it.

Speaking on NOS Radio 1 Journaal, minister Kuipers described the signals of abuse as “extremely worrying”. He emphasized that the investigation announced by the official leadership will be conducted by an independent external body under conditions of anonymity.

“And research needs to be careful because if it can be replicated, people may feel like there’s an obstacle to responding freely, and that won’t work,” he added. It remains to be seen whether the labor inspectorate will also launch an investigation.

Source: NOS