Broad field, Matteo Renzi’s prophecy: “It has already been divided into three”

Matteo Renzi on the weaknesses of the wide field. «Forza Italia has lost all credibility, but the vast field is also in difficulty. The majority was divided into two, the large field into three.” This is Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia Viva, interviewed by the Press, after the stop in the Chamber for the ratification of the MEE. In the budget law «they cancel some taxes on labor just to 2024, but they increase taxes on housing and children’s products. They hit the middle class. They block the re-entry of the brain. They take money from kids who went to the bookstore with 18App”, he says later about the budget law. But for the majority “find money to hire Lollobrigida, just for his staff the minister will have millions of euros more. But what do they do with all that money? Do they hire people to check train timetables?”

Renzi also returns to take stock of the recent MEE vote. «We voted together – said Renzi – If the entire broad field had voted together, the radical left, the M5S, the Democratic Party and our group, we would have an objective fact: the government would have returned home. It is legitimate to save the government, but what is not legitimate, friends of the Democratic Party, is not clarifying internally: do you want to be with a pro-European coalition or do you think you are pursuing sovereignist populism? The broad field had three positions in the Mes. Get clarity within yourself or you will never win.” Viva Italy leader Matteo Renzi said this during the declaration of vote of confidence in the Senate maneuver.

Source: IL Tempo