Giorgetti: “An answer of no to the ESM was inappropriate, but I am not resigning”

The ESM’s no was “inappropriate” for “a European Union member that backtracked on signing after committing to ratify.” Minister of Economy and Finance Giancarlo Giorgetti said this in a long interview with the ‘Giornale’ and reiterated that he has no intention of resigning. “As long as the majority supports my approach to serious, credible and sustainable projects, I don’t see why I should leave. As I said before, the opposition has the right to make suggestions and even welcome them, but then I decide”

And turning to the rejection of the ESM, Giorgetti adds: “There are no surprises here either. The Union has always said that it is against it. So it is a matter of consistency. What seems inappropriate is for a Union member to commit to Ratification and then back down when it comes to signing. But “I repeat, at that point the issue was no longer economic but political.”

Source: Today IT