Attack on Giorgetti, Salvini defends him from profiting from the left

Perhaps also due to the approach of New Year’s Eve, the opposition is metaphorically launching fireworks and fireworks against the Minister of Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti. Main protagonist of the political debate following his statements, made outside Parliament, about the non-approval of the European Stability Mechanism. «The Minister of Economy was interested in approving the MEE for economic and financial reasons. But based on the way the debate developed, jury of honor and things like that, it seemed clear to me that there was no room for approval, for reasons that were not just economic.” Words spoken in front of cameras on and notebooks open and that triggered an inevitable flood of judgments on the government’s actions, on the owner of the department in via Venti Settembre, and calls for his resignation. «But what is Giorgetti still doing there? A minister distrustful of the majority, of his own party and of his prime minister ?”, asks senator Beatrice Lorenzin (Pd) rhetorically. The leader of the Democratic group in the Chamber, Chiara Braga, also raises the tone of the conflict, if possible even further, writing on her profile afternoon of the 27th. He warns us that he will only talk about maneuver. I wonder how he will manage to avoid explaining to the country the consequences of his government’s failure in Europe in recent days.”

Shortly before, a note from the Mef had been released announcing the presence of minister Giorgetti in the fifth commission. However, during your hearing you will express your opinion exclusively on the budget law. Any other statements from him about the MEE are not expected before the approval of the Budget. It was the leader of the Italia viva group in Montecitorio, Davide Faraone, who set fire to the political controversy: «Giorgetti, coincidentally Minister of Economy, explains that he would have approved the MEE while his party, the League, is happy with the rejection. Salvini says: there is no conflict with him.

These people think Italians are all fools.” Faraone’s reference is to the “absolutely not” pronounced by League leader Matteo Salvini who asked him about Giorgetti’s weakening. Later, regarding his party colleague’s statements regarding the Italian interest in approving the MEE, he added: «As a bargaining chip for something else, it’s true, but it was a coherent choice, the League always had the same idea about the MEE. . It was a non-ideological vote, but a pragmatic one. The League has always had the same idea for 10 years. We always voted the same way and the Government had a compact majority. Forza Italia’s abstention was widely communicated and does not represent any problem. We did what was right, I’m absolutely proud of that. The Italian economy is solid, we are growing more than the French and Germans”. «The MEE – concluded the secretary of the Northern League – was a useless, unused, outdated and harmful tool. An Italian pensioner or worker would have to pay to save a German bank.” Senator Claudio Borghi (Lega) was even more blunt: “We gave an unequivocal signal to the European Union.”

Source: IL Tempo