Maneuver, final race for the Chamber. The Di Maio-M5S case breaks out at ESM

After the Christmas holidays, the analysis of the maneuver resumes on Wednesday, December 27, at the Chamber’s Budget Committee. The first call is scheduled for 11 am, when we will proceed with the admissibility of the amendments presented by the opposition. There are around a thousand proposed changes: 350 from the Democratic Party, 320 from the 5 Star Movement, 254 from the Green and Left Alliance, around 70 from Per Azione and the rest divided between Italia Viva and the Mixed group. Voting is scheduled to begin in the afternoon, when, however, Giancarlo Giorgetti’s hearing is also scheduled. The presence of the Minister of Economy was strongly requested by the opposition to inform about the repercussions that the Stability Pact and the non-ratification of the MEE could have on the Budget. Number one on route XX Settembre was not intimidated, but, through the mouth of Mef undersecretary Federico Freni, warned the parties: we will only talk about the maneuver, the hearings on the other topics will be held in a different session, after the analysis has been completed. of the budget law and avoided the provisional exercise. The text of the maneuver, in any case, identical to that approved last week by the Senate, should reach the Chamber on Thursday, 28, at 1:30 pm, for general discussion (at the same time that Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni will hold the usual end-of-year press conference, scheduled for December 21st and postponed due to the flu) and the following day, Friday, December 29th, at 5pm, voting declarations will begin, live on television. According to the agreement reached during the group leaders’ conference, the Government should not resort to the issue of trust.

However, the controversy over the MEE continues. The M5S sides deny contacts with Luigi Di Maio to play a parallel game after attacks from Giorgia Meloni on the ratification of the treaty that modifies the States Rescue Fund. “We are not aware of any phone call”, guarantee five-star sources about the alleged call, reported by Repubblica, from a senior five-star leader to the former Minister of Foreign Affairs in the fax shown by Giorgia Meloni in the Senate. «The work on the MEE dossier was carried out in broad daylight», based on «the parliamentary debate» mentioned on several occasions by Conte, explain the same sources. However, it was precisely “these facts” that “exposed Meloni’s lies in Parliament”. Di Maio, in any case, states: «It’s not a controversy that worries me. Anyone who called me on the days of Prime Minister Meloni’s statements in the Chamber is free to say so if they want”, responds the EU envoy to the Gulf and former leader of the M5S, responding to those who ask him about the case. “I have no intention of being drawn into political games – he adds – I became aware of the request for an honorary jury by the press like any other Italian citizen”.

Source: IL Tempo