Superbonus, Giorgetti revelation: “Latest data even worse”

«The predictions made in Nadef and the corrections are consistent with what is foreseen in the new Stability and Growth Pact package, so no different or additional maneuvers are necessary». The statement was made by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Giancarlo Giorgetti, speaking at the Chamber’s Budget Committee.

Afterwards, the Minister of Finance took stock of the effects of the super bonus on our country’s finances. «The most recent data on the super bonus is even worse, we are the only case of a 110 percent super bonus, with debt at 140, and from next year we will have 70%. What is the other European where there is a 70% bonus for building renovation? North Macedonia, which is not in Europe. Seen from the inside, this 70 is very little, seen from the outside it is a lot, we have to get out of this hallucination”. Finally, the minister’s considerations about the state rescue fund. «The MEE is neither the cause nor the solution to our problem because our problem is called debt. Debt, no matter how much it costs, must be kept under control or this country will not be able to cope.”

Source: IL Tempo