General Vannacci is back at work but will continue promoting the book

After his leave and leave, General Roberto Vannacci returned today to his post at the Army Palace, where he will work as a coach for a while before taking up his new position definitively as Chief of Staff of the Land Operations Forces Command.

The official investigation against him is pending, which will have to establish disciplinary violations in his book “The world turned upside down”, a text of controversial content that was initiated by the defense minister Guido Crosetto and has been among the best for months. -selling in online stores.

Vannacci: “I will prove my innocence”

Speaking to reporters, the general said: “I am calm, just like I am at work every day. In my free time, as I have always done, I will promote my book among the many things I do. If the investigations detect any case, as long as he looks at me, I am calm and I believe that I will reveal my complete innocence.” .

Discussions about the new position

The senior officer was once again at the center of controversy in recent weeks due to his new position. A promise that many consider to be more prestigious than its predecessor. “The world upside down is not only the title of Vannacci’s book, but also the imperative of the Meloni Government,” said Giuseppe Conte, leader of the 5-Star Movement. Those who wear the uniform with honor and sacrifice and respect for values ​​​​The Constitution is often forgotten; “Anyone who writes their ‘nonsense’ in a book makes a career.”

But a discussion that Guido Crosetto described as “misleading” and the result of a misunderstanding: “The chief of staff of the army (or navy or air force) and the chief of staff of a command or body (any) are different things. The former is the one responsible for a complex organization.” and the one who decides, the second is a collaborator of a commander”, explained the defense minister.

Possible candidacy for European elections

And rumors about General Vannacci’s “entering the field” of politics in the near future do not subside: Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini has been “courting” him for months for inclusion in the Union lists in the next European elections. Some even suggested that an agreement already existed that included financial compensation in case the general was not elected; This agreement was rejected by both parties. The person concerned does not go out of his way for now, but wants to announce that he will finance a possible election campaign with the money he has and will provide financing to those who want to support him. and the proceeds of the book.

“By nature, I do not close the door to anything and I do not hinder anything that concerns my future. I am a soldier now, if this opportunity really comes true, I will take it into account and evaluate it.” From tomorrow, not only political, all paths are possible, it depends on the conditions and situations. In any sector, business “I thank everyone who has suggested me in their lives, in politics and even in international relations. Because it means that they have noticed my talents and you have a good opinion about me”.

Source: Today IT