Giorgia Meloni still affected, end of year conference postponed

Another fixed amount, the second. Giorgia Meloni’s year-end press conference is again ignored. The meeting was scheduled for Thursday, 28th, at 11 am, in the hall of the Chamber of Deputies building, where the prime minister was expected to answer questions from journalists. The event, organized by the National Council of the Order of Journalists in collaboration with the Parliamentary Press Association, was supposed to take place last Thursday but was rescheduled due to a flu-like illness that – as the Prime Minister himself explained during Merry Christmas to the employees of Palazzo Chigi – they “forcibly put her to rest”, forcing her to also miss the ceremony of exchanging greetings at the Quirinale between the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella and representatives of the institutions and the trip to Lebanon. The new postponement, due to the prime minister’s “persistent indisposition”, forced the organizers to put the conference on stand-by again “while awaiting indications from the prime minister for the new date”. We are waiting to hear about new availability.”

And the president of the M5, Giuseppe Conte, also continues to wait, taking the opportunity to attack the prime minister after Italy’s green light for the reform of the Stability Pact. «With the yes to the new Pact, Giorgia Meloni’s European failure was consummated – writes the former prime minister via social media -. An incredible failure that he didn’t even have the courage to face. He canceled the year-end press conference twice because he was affected and only found time for a social video with the Christmas tree to wish us a happy birthday.” In recent days, Meloni seemed to have recovered. On December 23 visited the Joint Forces Operational Command (Covi), from where she sent a message of good wishes to the Italian military contingents involved abroad in operational theaters. On the 25th, after spending the holidays with her family, she was spotted on a flight Milan-Rome. In addition to missing the conference, the prime minister will not even preside over the last meeting of the Council of Ministers of the year, on Thursday, the 28th.

Meloni’s health problems began in the days following his participation in Atreju, the Fratelli d’Italia event that ended on December 17th in Castel Sant’Angelo with the party leader’s long speech from the stage in via della Sow. The first official communication from Palazzo Chigi was on December 19th with a note announcing the cancellation of all “today’s appointments due to a case of flu”. The agenda included the Pnrr control room, a CDM, and the speech at the Conference of Ambassadors in Farnesina, which was then implemented with a message. Then, last Wednesday, Meloni went to his daughter Ginevra’s school in the morning to watch the end-of-year show, but during the show his health worsened. A worsening that forced Palazzo Chigi to cancel commitments again, including the conference with journalists initially scheduled for December 21st and which could now be rescheduled for the beginning of 2024.

Source: IL Tempo