Florence, earthquake in the Democratic Party. Who destroys the “clique party”

A real shock. Which runs the risk of mixing the cards even more. And to make the June elections the most uncertain ever. Cecilia Del Re will run alone. Or, more likely, in coalition with Stefania Saccardi and Italia Viva. But he certainly won’t remain in the Democratic Party. “After the December 4 meeting and after the months of forced and denied comparisons that preceded it, we believe it is inevitable not to renew your Democratic Party membership card. We will therefore create a center-left civic list to which the city’s living forces will flow. We will then be open to discussion and dialogue with all center-left forces in the city that are willing to build an alternative project for Florence and are not aligned with the continuity imposed by Nardella’s PD. In other words, we are also available to be part of a possible coalition with other civic and political forces anchored in center-left values”. A very clear message that turned into a huge nightmare for Democrats. “We are very surprised and disconcerted, not only with this choice, but above all with the reasons presented – stated Emiliano Fossi, regional secretary of the Tuscan Democratic Party and Andrea Ceccarelli, municipal secretary – However, we remain available for dialogue: the doors of the Democratic Party remains open because there are no incurable fractures.” A statement that exudes authentic terror from every pore.

A choice, that of the former urban planning councilor, about which Tomaso Montanari also spoke. “The Florentine Democratic Party behaved like a besieged power system and closed itself even more into arrogant self-sufficiency. Funaro’s candidacy is the result of this self-referential blindness. And if the Democratic Party loses Florence in the end, it will be because there are many in the city who can no longer support the clique.” And the center-right? Matteo Salvini addressed an invitation to allies. For the name of the moderate candidate to be made official as soon as quickly as possible. “Even in light of the disintegration of the left, the center-right has a duty to find a unified and convincing agreement as quickly as possible for Florence, an extraordinary city that deserves to be relaunched. High-profile names have already emerged, such as the from Uffizi director Eike Schmidt: the League is ready to listen to its friends in the coalition to reach an agreement”.

Source: IL Tempo