Pd on the ball, Fiorentina’s sensational attack: “Vote for the regulars and then…”

A decisive and peremptory attack. Which raises serious questions. An unprecedented stance against those who have always administered power in Florence. A few hours ago, a video of Joe Barone, Fiorentina’s number two, circulated on Facebook. The manager, leaning against the Viola Park bar counter, explains the current situation of the Giglia team to some fans. And, in particular, it analyzes the difficulties relating to the renovation of the stadium. “We don’t want to leave Florence. Someone forces us to take Fiorentina out of Florence and we all suffer: the city, the fans, especially the Viola movement. What we did with Viola Park we were also willing to do with the stadium. This sports center is not a model, it is a reality. We never made models. This is in Florence, we don’t take it to New York. And today Fiorentina’s value is much higher. Of course it is an expensive reality because without employees and players, to maintain such a reality ten million per year are needed, that is money”, he said.

But let’s look at Fiorentina’s future with planning and planning. I see that there are grandparents, uncles, parents who continue the purple tradition with their grandchildren and children, I am here to protect it. It’s a unique thing. Fiorentina in Florence is a way of life and must be protected. Fiorentina is not a political toy, but neither are Rocco’s or Barone’s. It’s nobody’s toy. If Fiorentina plays in Cesena or Modena, it will be a huge loss for the club. We were willing to invest 300 million to build the stadium and we were blocked. We’re still willing to talk, but we’re serious people. I know there will be elections soon. So vote, vote. Vote for your governor and nothing will change. I’m here to change things,” he added.

A clear accusation against Eugenio Giani and Dario Nardella. Which, obviously, will have a huge impact on the next local and European elections. FdI senator Paolo Marcheschi responded to the mayor, who accused the Meloni government of completely occupying public television. “To make an accusation of this gravity, supporting data is necessary. Today Rai, without the Democratic Party in government, has good audience ratings and follows criteria of merit, no longer membership thanks to the card in your pocket, a well-known practice in Tuscany. Furthermore, he himself should understand the military occupation, given the suffocation of all thoughts other than his own and those of his party.”

Source: IL Tempo