Budget law, final approval in the Chamber. Melons: most compact

The maneuver is law. There are around ten minutes left until 7pm when the Chamber of Deputies approves the budget law for 2024. Starting in the morning, and in particular from mid-afternoon with the vote declarations broadcast live on TV, the last clash took place in the Chamber between the government and majority, on the one hand, and opposition, on the other. The result is inevitable, the timing is limited, it is not necessary to resort to trust, but both parties do not give up defending their positions regarding a practically armored maneuver, which reached the finish line two days before the deadline for the provisional exercise (contrary to initial predictions of a much faster process), with few specific government changes and a small treasure left at the disposal of political forces.

“On behalf of myself and the Government, I thank the majority parliamentarians of the Senate and Chamber for the support and unity shown”, comments Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on social media, still fighting the otolith syndrome that has kept her out of action in recent days . “A positive sign for an important maneuver, which puts families, work and companies at the center. In line with the principles that guide our action and with the program that the Italians voted for”, continues the Prime Minister, noting that “this time the maneuver is approved without the vote of confidence” and thanking “for this also the oppositions who , despite the strong contrast in the issues, contributed to the development of the debate”. The position of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Giancarlo Giorgetti, also comes immediately, according to which “we continue on a path of prudence, responsibility and trust.

Instead, arrows come from the opposition, reiterating their opposition to “a maneuver resulting from the arrogance that mortifies this Parliament, with more than 50 decrees and with the dictate imposed on its majority not to present amendments. Instead of strength and solidity, the truth is that this maneuver is also the result of your divisions” and “of your deeply rooted and I would say identity-based lack of interest in those who are in the worst situation”, accuses secretary Elly Schlein in the Chamber, stressing that “a year ago today In order to follow the first maneuver of the Meloni Government there was a long litany of alibis for the little time available, today you have no excuses. It is your maneuver and that is evident.” M5S leader Giuseppe Conte, in turn, entrusts social networks with the attack on “a budget law of cuts and taxes that would be the envy of the worst technical governments”, a “maneuver of tears and blood will seem like water and sugar compared to the stone that Meloni threw over the country in the coming years, tilting head to Germany and France” with “the new stability pact to which Europe has bowed”.

The official defense comes from the majority benches. The leader of the FdI group, Tommaso Foti, even quotes the futurist Marinetti: “’Standing on top of the world, we launch, once again, our challenge to the stars’, with the coherence of ideas, with our love for Italy” , he says, saying that “we don’t think it was an easy budget law, but it certainly marks the return of the policy after years of suspension. And we assume the honors and responsibilities for this.” The leader of the Northern League group, Riccardo Molinari, although he admits “that the budget law is not perfect”, demands “a coherent line: putting a little more money to those who produce the GDP and avoiding the logic of bribes”, while the thought of the leader of the FI group, Paolo Barelli, goes to the first maneuver without Silvio Berlusconi, “which allowed us all to be here today. With Forza Italia he created an indispensable force for the government and for the country, and shaped a ruling class that continues and will continue its work and on the path indicated by it”.

Source: IL Tempo