Gianluigi Paragone: why I resign from Italexit and leave politics

We are talking about very small news, let’s be clear. But this worries me and I take advantage of your patience to explain why I left the leadership of the party I founded. I leave Italexit and politics out of a duty of justice towards those who read me and see me on television; I didn’t want to create the misunderstanding “Is it the politician or the journalist who is speaking?” I speak as a journalist, as I entered politics through the strength of my battles fought on TV, in print and on the radio. In short, my identity. Which continues like this, but not at the service of a party or an electoral competition. Therefore – to dispel any doubts – I deny any rumors about my candidacy for Brussels with other forces. Then there is another reason why I resigned. And it’s more of a political reading. I don’t think there will be any space outside the center-right perimeter in the short term. And I don’t even think that the so-called “dissident front” can withstand the test of a high barrier, such as 4%. But beyond the numbers, the issue is political.

It cannot be denied that, with the failure to ratify the MEE, the Brothers of Italy and the League demonstrated coherence with their voters and courage. The so-called state rescue fund had and still has an enormous symbolic value, so its ratification would have meant a blow to the credibility of Meloni and Salvini, after many years of criticizing and denouncing the MEE fraud. None of them gave in, despite the pressure (Conte will never be able to say the same thing, since Count Two committed to ratifying it where there was no government crisis because his majority gave him such a mandate); This cannot be underestimated by the camp of Euroscepticism, more or less harshly. Furthermore, thinking that no to the MEE is a formality or a “little thing” means not having understood the severity of the rules of the game and how the Meloni government will be subject to all types of “attention” from that financier and technocrat. world that holds the golden part of the EU. The reactions will be harsh and Palazzo Chigi knows this. The no to ratification leaves a strong mark, is a precedent of substance and represents – as I said – full respect for the word given to voters.

I leave Italexit, but that doesn’t mean I renounce the battles I faced: I would do them all again, from those against Brussels to the intransigent opposition to Mario Draghi, from no to the green pass to opposition to mandatory vaccination. They were the normal continuation of my journalistic battles when I was a TV or radio presenter or at the top of newspapers. I took them to a different field, within the institutions I had joined to try not to limit myself to reporting; I hoped that with Cinquestelle (in 2018 the first party with 33%) this could be done. It was a disappointment. I’m going to write again, to tell you what others don’t see or don’t want to see. I’m back on TV as a commentator. With my ideas, but without a coat (although I was the tailor for that coat).

Source: IL Tempo