Paragone leaves Italexit: “We were an opposition party, there is no room left for the centre-right”

“We were born as an opposition party on the wave of Euroscepticism and the protests against the Green Pass. There is no such space on the centre-right anymore.” Gianluigi Paragone explains in an interview with these words: Print This is why he handed in his “irrevocable resignation” as secretary of the Italexit party, which was founded three years ago.

“When you leave Parliament it becomes a choice – he continues -. It was an impossible challenge: a new party rising on my shoulders. Yet we reached 2% on our own. Now I write for Libero e il Tempo, I wrote ‘It will be modern ‘ I read the book and then I go on TV.” “The decision was conveyed to the Paragone party in the administration on Friday evening. Online because we cannot pay everyone’s travel expenses,” he concludes. You can’t have mass singing without money. And on the eve of the European elections we voted against this majority ESM, this is a symbolic thing. A very grave decision, a hostile act towards Europe. I must appreciate the great courage of the FdI and the League.” Finally, regarding a possible candidacy in the European elections, he says, “Regardless of the polls and the offers made to me, I chose not to be a candidate anyway.”

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Source: Today IT