Growth Decree, Lotito’s attacks: “Great nonsense”. Who is he taking it out on?

The Growth Decree, with the consequent tax benefits for those who bring talent from abroad to Italy, will end on December 31, 2023, causing a true earthquake in Italian football. Among those who fought most for an extension, at least a mini one, is Claudio Lotito, senator from Forza Italia, who vented his indignation at the decision of the Council of Ministers, which arose from general opposition from Giorgia Meloni and the rapid decision on the issue by Matteo Salvini: “Was the extension of the Growth Decree ignored? Beautiful and great nonsense that was done, they will see what mistake was made. This way our championship will lose competitiveness, last year there were three teams in the three European finals, now I want to see, will it mean that the next teams that will go to the Champions League will be nominated by the Footballers Association, they were the ones who did everything to make her succumb, well done!”

According to Corriere della Sera, Maurizio Gasparri, leader of the group at Palazzo Madama, suggested to Lotito not to expose himself too much to an internal political battle within the center-right: “He should not be demonized. He will now be responsible for the “Priority Mission”. He is someone who always arrives prepared for each dossier, who fights, who is in the Senate every day and who prepares like few people know how to do.” Lotito does not give up and will continue all his battles.

Source: IL Tempo