Dialogues about the hell of the MEE: the decision not to ratify it and Meloni’s choices

Dear Director, from the celestial spheres of Paradise we look down to the hell of Mes. Alcide De Gasperi, wrapped in his overcoat, cannot really rest and, venting to his daughter, Sister Luciola, who ascended to Heaven at just 41 years old, comments: «This yellow, green and black gang is putting Europe in crisis, after of all the efforts we made with Adenauer and Schuman.” «A true end of the year with bangs!», Cossiga explodes with the latest model of Apple Watch synchronized 24 hours a day with Luigi Zanda. «What an explosion, honorable President, responds the Trentine statesman, in Brussels they are preparing an unforgettable Carnival for us, with the masks of those who govern our poor Italy…». «They didn’t even listen to me!», intervenes Silvio Berlusconi in blue cashmere, enjoying a tricolor ice cream: « I couldn’t even get in touch with Gianni Letta who, as I’ve always said, is a gift from God, he was at home with the flu. At Prime Minister he interpreted my thoughts well, but at ESM he couldn’t adequately catechize the good Tajani.” «With the abstention, your party, Silvio, did the same as Pontius Pilate, although it redeemed itself a little with the targeted extension of that bonus clown», replies Picareta, adding: «And in any case the error continued under the Draghi government .” «If it were up to me, Draghi would not have had a long life, since he was at the World Bank», interjects Bettino Craxi in his cream-colored caftan. «The story of when he did not oppose the Transandina recovery project, the railway that crossed the Andes, from Argentina to Chile, of the dictator Pinochet”, points out Giulio Andreotti, consulting his diaries. “Then it took all the authority of Governor Ciampi and Minister Goria to prevent Mariuccio, not yet Super Mario, from being shot by the dictate of the harpsichord”.

Fanfani arrives on the turbo tricycle and comments: «Dated gossip, it’s difficult for me to remember, in the entire history of the EU, a vote against Italy like that of the MEE». «For the first time I agree with you, Amintore», comments «il Divo», remembering that for Italy the SGA Regulation was also a lot of work. «Our country had serious doubts, if not conflicting interests, even Agnelli’s Confindustria». “In fact, you too, Giulio – replies Fanfani irritated – were against it, like Meloni today, so as not to irritate the communists and even the socialists”. “Touché!” exclaims Divo. «But France and Germany made a common front, explaining to Brussels that a proposal could not be carried out without the founding countries. Giscard d’Estaing and Schmitt, but above all Strauss’s Christian Socialists committed themselves to parallel work in order to involve Italy.” Ciriaco De Mita intervenes, recalling that the DC group faced Andreotti, then at the head of the Italian Government, with the abstention/support of the communists: «A stratagem was invented, introducing the so-called oscillation band that allowed all European currencies to pass within a “band” of 3%, for Italy, that is, the lira, of 6 %”. And Cossiga meticulously specifies: «Andreotti, in the minority of the DC group (president Bianco and vice Mannino) agreed to stay with Bonn and Paris risking his own majority, with socialists and communists who voted against. In the Council, in the end, the proposal had three signatures: Schmitt, Giscard d’Estaing and Andreotti”. European choices”, commenting: “Everything else can be overcome and can even be considered my modest advice to Meloni, if he wants to grow in Europe.” «Giulio, come on, don’t accuse me of being a crook here either, but in your opinion can we ask Meloni, Salvini and Conte to implement politics with a capital “P”? For them, I would prefer to consult my friend Freud. » «This is the drama of today’s politics», says Nino Andreatta, with his ever-present pipe.

«Without commenting on Minister Giorgetti, who really doesn’t know how to get rid of the Mef and the European Union tangle. By insisting, for example, on the candidacy of Daniele Franco as head of the European Investment Bank, his old friend Draghi’s man, we knew he would end up in trouble.” “But sorry, what should you have done?”, asks Cossiga. Andreatta responds: «The Spanish Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño, coordinated the work on modifying the Stability Pact, which stole the position from Franco: we could have negotiated our support with her in exchange for some improvements». With a serious look, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, in his labronic inflection, paints a bleak future: “Meloni, squeezed by European restrictions, now risks a bomb due to budgetary restrictions. To meet the commitments of a 1.5% deficit, he will have to tax everything that is moves and even everything that doesn’t move. The new Stability Pact follows a dangerous mechanism with automatic cuts that depress growth, increasing debt in a perverse spiral.” “Correct, dear Ciampi, but I have another idea.” Everyone turns to listen to Craxi who says the phrase: “There is someone who is playing into the hands of the USA and Putin. Many in Washington have never digested the euro against the dollar, while Putin, after Ukraine, wants to divide Europe and is succeeding.” “The names!” thunders Fanfani. «We know the names, especially here – responds Craxi – after all, when I was the first to reveal the games played by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office with names and surnames, they sent me to die in Hammamet». «At this point you have also been redeemed…» Divo sarcastically emphasizes. «Always stop talking about legal issues, especially now that Francesco Saverio Borrelli is under house arrest in Purgatory, but he listens to us. Go back to praying!”, thunders Saint Peter peremptorily. And Giulio, with a hiss: — Besides, Bettino, the two of us didn’t get to Paradise by carriage.

Source: IL Tempo